Latest Satisfaction Survey Results from White Maund

Thank you to all those that took the time to complete our recent satisfaction survey. It’s important to us to know whether we are giving you the service you want, to know how you feel about White Maund. And just so you know…..we value you too!

The results were very heart-warming but this doesn’t mean we will be resting on our laurels. We will be striving to make improvements in our services wherever we can.

We were delighted to hear that 100% of our survey respondents reported themselves as being satisfied with White Maund. With 69% commenting that their needs were met extremely well by White Maund and the remaining 31% said their needs were met very well.

We know that when you need information you need it quickly and here at White Maund we aim to respond to our clients as soon as we can. Obviously some things will take time and we are always looking for ways to streamline our services but our aim is still to respond in the shortest possible time. It looks like you have noticed with 75% of you choosing to describe us as extremely responsive and the remaining 25% saying very responsive.

satisfaction survey results from Insolvency Practitioners White Maund, Brighton Sussex
We don’t just want to provide great service levels we want to provide our clients with the best solutions and advice possible. All our team are encouraged to continually improve their knowledge with active personal development plans. So when 92% of you described us as VERY Knowledgeable, this recognition for our efforts has given us an additional boost not only to continue to build on our knowledge but also to share more of our knowledge by providing more training and seminars to our contacts.

Statistics and numbers are a great pat on the back but the comments we received meant the most to us personally, here are just a few.

“the work done on the very difficult case was exceptional. IPs with a bedside manner!”

“In my professional dealings with White Maund you have always been very helpful, swift to respond and extremely knowledgeable. You have always been able to offer valuable advice to my clients and come up with solutions we had not even thought about.”

“Expert, responsive, commercial in approach. Last but not least – they are team players”

We started off this post with a thank you for completing the survey and providing us with valuable feedback but we are more thankful to those that said they would be likely (15%) or extremely likely (85%) to recommend White Maund to others. While we actively market ourselves to find new work the work that comes to us via personal recommendation is the most satisfying…….thank you – from The White Maund Team