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Healthcare Sector: Dental

Our team is experienced in retail and wholesale pharmacy, dentistry including NHS and private practices and care businesses. We provide financial health check services across these areas as well as stakeholder management and turnaround services across England, Wales and Scotland.

  • Our team is experienced in the dental sector. We provide services to dentists, lenders and wholesalers.

    Due to the nature of the General Dental Contract specialist advice should be taken to ensure that the commissioning body does not have the right to terminate the contract. Stakeholder management is therefore vital to provide time to turnaround the business or to exit in a structured way to maximise value rather than be forced into a formal process due to creditor action.

    We have specialist contacts in the sector that we can call on to assist in this process and provide bench marking information. We also assist private and mixed practice businesses.

Recent Assignments

  • Review of dental business for lender
  • Relationship between owners broken down
  • Strong core business
  • NHS contract
  • Advised against formal insolvency
  • Monitoring required
  • Time provided to split the business

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