Small steps to being Greener

At White Maund we believe that we not only have a responsibility towards our clients but also to the wider community. As part of our CSR policy (Corporate Social Responsibility), we take seriously our environmental credentials. While we are not a heavy industrial company, we can still take small steps to being greener.

The recent certificate we received from Secure Document Shredding has shown how these steps can soon add up. Through paper recycling over the period January to December 2016 we recycled 396 KG of paper, which represents a carbon reduction of 0.6 tonnes of CO2, a saving of 11761.2 litres of water, 1372.1 kWh of electricity and 7 trees! This is on top of our efforts to go paperless in the office where possible.

What’s more our staff have also taken up the challenge with several of them cycling to work, some covering over 13 miles on their morning commute. The combined efforts of Chris and Neil amount to an average of saving 156 miles per week.

Based on UK average new car CO2 emissions of 121.4g/km that could amount to CO2 saving of 1.4064Tonnes per year.

Proof that being greener is only small steps away.