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Can I re-use my Company’s name?

Except in certain circumstances, Section 216 of the Insolvency Act 1986 prohibits the re-use of a company name where a company has entered insolvent liquidation.  The section does not apply in any other insolvency process unless insolvent liquidation follows administration or a Company Voluntary Arrangement. Section 216 states that: Any person that has been a […]


How do I make myself bankrupt?

First, you will need to complete the necessary forms, which you can print off from the Insolvency Service website at the following link: The petition, form 6.27 – this form is your request to the court for you to be made bankrupt and includes the reasons for your request. The statement of affairs, form […]


What is personal debt?

Debt is something you owe to another person. In financial terms, debt is when you owe money to a creditor or lender, in return for finance or goods you have obtained from them. Debt isn’t a problem if you can repay it but once in debt, many people experience financial problems or personal circumstances that […]