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Capital or Income? Its up to you to decide!

As many readers will be aware, on 6 April 2016 the anti-avoidance Transactions In Securities (TIS) rules were enacted as part of the Finance Act 2016 specifically to target phoenix companies. Under the new TIS rules, certain distributions made to shareholders are treated as income rather than capital. The rules apply where the main purpose […]


Creating certainty from uncertainty

We continue to live in an increasingly uncertain world, Brexit, Trump and DH pharmacy funding cuts. Since the original announcement by the DH on 17 December 2015 it has been an uncertain time for pharmacy owners and operators as to firstly whether the funding cuts would come in, secondly the amount of the cuts and […]


Another recovery tool available to HMRC

Whilst HMRC has had the power to issue a notice requiring a business to give security for some time (since 1994 for VAT and 2012 for PAYE/NI), they have not in our experience been commonplace despite HMRC being a creditor usually for a substantial amount. In the recent past, however, we have seen two instances […]